Aberdeen Black is high-quality, grain-fed beef from cattle that has been raised in a natural
environment. Thanks to the perfect marbling and structure of the meat, Australian grain-fed Aberdeen Black beef is tender, full-flavoured and juicy. Aberdeen beef comes from the Australian province of New South Wales, a southern region rich in grasslands. Under the name Aberdeen Black we supply tender, tasty products of constant quality. The beef is carefully selected: the best meat with juicy tenderness. Because the animals graze on the sunniest part of the Riverina New South Wales and are then fattened on high-quality grain for three months under a very strictly certified programme, Aberdeen Black is able to produce high- quality beef that has won prizes for its constant quality, tenderness and flavour. What’s more, the meat is available all year round.

Australia is one of the safest agricultural environments for animal health, traceability and biosafety in the world. Aberdeen Black cattle, consisting solely of selected Hereford or Angus races, is selected based on quality and vitality. After the cattle has grazed on the expansive green pastures of New South Wales, the cattle is brought to an in-house feed lot next to the slaughterhouse. Here the animals are fattened with high-quality grain for 120 days. Because no transport is required from the feed lot to the slaughterhouse, the stress level is very low. All of these advantages benefit the quality, flavour and tenderness.
Advantages of Aberdeen Black grain-fed Australian beef:
• Perfect fattening
• Strict protocols
• Consistent specifications and packaging
• Guaranteed deliveries
• High-quality product with perfect quality
• In-house feed lot located next to the slaughterhouse • Winner of the Great Taste Award 2012, 2013 and2014

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