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On January 1st 2012, we moved from our old location in De Bilt to a completely new industrial estate at C. de Haasweg 6 in Bilthoven.

Over the years, our previous location in De Bilt had become too small, and one of the reasons for the move was that part of our stock was stored in De Bilt, while we also used a regular external cold store. With the new location, we can store everything under one roof and deliver all products from a central location. This has advantages for us and more importantly, for our customers. By working more efficiently and effectively, we can keep the handling process short and transparent, which benefits quality.

Having worked on the design and floor plans of the new building for quite a while and having obtained the necessary permits, we were given the green light for construction of our new premises on the site in question in November 2010. Soil improvement started in March 2011, and with construction taking nine months, the entire location was ready for us to move in by late December 2011.