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At Schoonderwoerd Vlees, the focus is on service, not only in terms of product delivery to our customers, but in every other respect as well. This means, for example, that we keep sufficient stock for our customers and also work for our customers. By keeping sufficient products in stock, we can guarantee our customers delivery reliability and just-in-time delivery. Schoonderwoerd Vlees distinguishes itself from the competition by its delivery flexibility, offering the required quality and by supplying from stock at the desired time. As such, we take away much of our customers’ work and concerns. This ultimately benefits our customers and means that they are keen on working with us as partners. We manage all transport in the Netherlands and Belgium ourselves, allowing us to anticipate any customer requirements. For transport outside the Benelux, we work with selected, regular and reliable partners.


Upon receipt, all meat is checked as to quality, temperature and specifications according to European quality standards and customer requirements. In addition to the quality of the meat, we can also guarantee the quality of the entire process of unloading, storage, transshipment and delivery to the customer. Once we moved to our new business premises, we invested in a completely new additional automation system, with which all barcodes on the boxes are scanned and read out. As a result, the net weights, specification numbers and production dates of each individual box delivered to our customers are registered. Every transaction is registered by a company employee using a portable scanner. That way, we know exactly which box from which batch has been delivered in which shipment and, most importantly, by whom. By registering all of this data, we can, upon request, provide weight lists and documents such as health certificates and Halal papers with each shipment. By having this process entirely covered and registered, we can guarantee the internal traceability of beef, lamb, mutton and venison. This assures our business relations that all of our processes are properly managed and food safety is guaranteed.


Schoonderwoerd Vlees BV sets great store by the hygienic, high-quality production, storage and handling of meat. The general hygiene of these processes is checked and certified by KIWA, an independent certification body. All IFS standards are in accordance with the latest EU legislation. You can download our IFS certificate here.


Schoonderwoerd Vlees BV has its own EC certification: Nederland E.G 92. This number guarantees buyers of the quality and added value of our meat.


Halal is an Islamic term designating what is allowed for Muslim followers. If meat is Halal, Muslims are allowed to eat it. This concerns types of meat, but also the slaughtering method, because the animals must be slaughtered in a specific manner. Upon request, we can provide all relevant Halal certificates on delivery.


It is only right that companies in the food industry have great expectations of their supplier in terms of support in managing food safety and food quality. Their goal is to eliminate risks by applying an efficient and safe production process. As such, our products are regularly tested and analysed.

Our partner is a leading authority as a supplier of analysis, audit and consultancy services. They have achieved this by supplying reliable and accurate laboratory tests, with the requisite knowledge of sample matrices and the possibilities and limitations of analysis methods.