Greenlea – Premier Meats 100 % Grass-fed high quality beef from New Zealand
Greenlea Premier Meats is an innovative producer of premium-quality beef from New Zealand. Every week this producer delivers large volumes of fresh product. The reputation of Greenlea Premier Meats has been consistently excellent in regard to flavour, structure and general presentation. The quality is outstanding. Greenlea Premier Meats pays close attention to service and process innovation, not only in the area of quality and service, but also in terms of deboning, packaging and production. Greenlea beef comes from local ranches on the North Island. The Greenlea approach yields an assortment of 300 different meat products with excellent quality and presentation.
Greenlea is one of the few producers of meat that is wholly owned by one family.

Thanks to the fresh weekly supply of this first-ratebeef to Schoonderwoerd Vlees, you have your choice amongst a varied Greenlea assortment of grass-fed rump and loin. As the ‘exclusive’ European partner, wereceive fresh supplies of Hereford/Angus Prime Steer beef made solely from animals selected by Hilton Cattle. All beef is raised in accordance with New Zealand’s strict food safety programme. Greenlea grass-fed beef is pure, uncomplicated, healthy and natural. This results in a guaranteed juicy flavour and tender structure. We also sell frozen meat products of this brand, if desired produced in accordance with halal requirements.

Schoonderwoerd Vlees is the exclusive European partner of Greenlea Premier Meats products. We receive this first-rate meat solely from selected Hilton Cattle ‘Hereford/Angus breed’ animals.

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