Maimoa are a hidden gem in New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. The melting snow of the nearby Southern Alps supplies water to the sparkling lakes, which early indigenous people used to fish and after whom they were named. Maimoa lamb reflects the qualities of purity, free range and pure nature.
Today, ‘Maimoa’ is a symbol of the quality of purity and naturalness. This premium lamb meat finds its way to the finest tables in the world.

New Zealand has been blessed with an enviable unspoiled environment, a temperate climate and rich agricultural land. Lambs graze freely on the lush green pastures and are raised in a natural manner.

New Zealand is a young nation, but it has focused on sustainable and performance agriculture for more than 120 years already. That’s why the reliability, consistency and safety of New Zealand’s foods have become world- famous.

Thanks to its availability during the entire year and its consistent superior quality and taste, Maimoa lamb is the lamb of choice for many famous professional chefs and exacting amateur chefs alike.
Maimoa is supplied fresh in order to guarantee maximum quality and protect the nutrient content and taste. This requires extra effort, but a fresh product that is easy to process and ready to use will undoubtedly result in a superior experience for the consumer.

Maimoa lamb is a part of ANZCO Foods Group. This company supplies high-quality products that are world- renowned and provide incomparable value and it offers exemplary service for our valued customers.

We receive fresh deliveries directly from New Zealand weekly. Thanks to this, we can continually supply our customers with fresh deliveries.

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