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Our market comprises;

  • Import and export companies
  • Multinationals
  • Cash & Carry stores
  • Meat-processing companies
  • Suppliers to the hotel and catering industry
  • Shipstores
  • Supermarket chains
  • Butchers


Company information

After having worked successfully from our very first business premises in De Bilt for many years, Schoonderwoerd Vlees relocated to a completely new location on January 1st 2012. These brand new premises meet the latest requirements and are fitted with state-of-the-art technology to improve our service and delivery reliability to customers even further. At this location, we have all of our fresh and frozen stock under one roof, as a result of which we can supply our customers rapidly, either by using our own transport within the Benelux or using external transport across Europe.


We only work with direct imports from suppliers located in New Zealand and Australia. Our suppliers are companies with years of expertise and thorough knowledge of the market. We have been working with them for 40 years already, during which we have built up a close business relationship. With their longstanding expertise, they know what’s going on in the market and can anticipate the needs and requirements of consumers throughout Europe as a result. We regularly visit our suppliers and slaughterhouses abroad to discuss their products. This allows us to maintain a close relationship with the suppliers, to keep an eye on the processes and monitor process quality. Suppliers also visit us frequently, which helps us to ensure that everything is going as planned, as well as allowing us to keep abreast of market developments in other parts of the world and anticipating any market changes in Europe.