Jacks Creek Wagyu

The Premium Australian Wagyu Brand

Jack’s Creek has led the field as one of the first Australian companies to breed, grow, feed, process and market Wagyu beef. Jack’s Creek is a family owned vertically integrated agribusiness.

Jack’s Creek Wagyu beef is derived from cross bred Wagyu Cattle. The Wagyu are bred and grown in the prime agricultural are of the Liverpool Plains in the Northern New South Wales and the Darlings Downs in the South East Queensland. All of the cattle are raised free range for the first port of their lives in a natural clean environment, grazing on the abundance of natural grasses of Eastern Australian. As beef connoisseurs, we relished the opportunity to produce Wagyu beef when the breed was introduced to Australia in 1991. We began to cross our Black Angus herd with the Tajima Wagyu breed to produce the superior marbling characteristics unique to the Wagyu breeds.

Our Wagyu are grain fed for 450 days using no added hormones on a specially designed diet of feed grains to generate the highly marbled characteristics of Wagyu beef.

Jack’s Creek Wagyu cattle are slaughtered and processed under contract at the Northern Co-operative Meat Company, Est. 239 which operates under strict Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) and BRC Global Quality Assurance Standards. These certifications underpin the beefs quality, safety and provide fundamental protection for the end consumer. Our all natural healthy and safe formula provides each and every customer with our Wagyu guarantee: tender and juicy Wagyu beef full of flavour with every bite.

Our Jack’s Creek grading system offers all marble scores from 3 to 9+ to suit your application. Aged to perfection, Jack’s Creek Wagyu beef provides a distinctive eating experience which is full of flavour with every bite.

Jack’s Creek Wagyu Beef:

• F1-F4 Wagyu
• 450 days grain fed
• No added hormones
• Free from antibiotics
• Halal Accredited
• EU Accredited

Cattle Specifications:

• F3 Tajima Wagyu (88%) x Black Angus (12%)
• 0% Euro, Bos Indicus and Dairy Breeds;
• Hormone (HGP) Free


• Cattle feedlot induction weight 350kg – 400kg;
• F3 Wagyu are grain fed for a minimum of 450+ days on GMO free highest quality natural grain.

Carcase Weight (HSCW) and Age:

• Carcase weight 400kg average;
• F3 Wagyu age 31-33 months.

Grading Specification:

• Jack’s Creek Wagyu beef is independently graded using the AUSMEAT accredited grading system. Product integrity and reliability is ensured via marble score separation and grading probability;
• F3
– Jack’s Creek – JC 4 (10%)
– Jack’s Creek – JC 5-6 (50%)
– Jack’s Creek – JC 7-8 (30%)
– Jack’s Creek – JC 9+ (10%)
– Meat Colour (MC): 0-2;
– Fat Colour (FC): 0-2;
– EU and Halal accredited cattle and processing.


All primal cuts are fully traceable. Verification audits are carried out to ensure all critical supply chain points including breed, transport, slaughter, boning, packing, storage and transferring of product is up-to-date and accurate.

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