To look after, feed, care for and nourish – that’s what Kumanu means in Maori. This is not the
easiest path to choose, but it is the path that results in happy and healthy animals and natural, healthy and delicious lamb. Kumanu lambs comes from the world’s most carefully raised lambs. Kumanu farmers maintain their own standards and strict quality and breeding requirements which result in healthy animals with premium, flavourful meat. Kumanu lambs fulfil the highest standards in the world for the most demanding consumers in the world.

Lamb for the body and the soul
Kumanu lambs roam around freely in the pure and green pastures of New Zealand eating only fresh grass and natural foliage. By combining increased monitoring with careful treatment, stress is minimised, and this has a positive effect on the quality of the meat. Kumanu has an unequalled, tender and juicy texture, yet is an exceptionally lean meat that achieves a consistent excellent flavour. Lean lamb meat contains surprisingly few calories while remaining one of the best sources of iron, zinc and important B vitamins.

Lambs raised without the short cuts
Breeding Kumanu lambs is a demanding and often difficult task, but we are convinced that this breeding method is exactly what makes the Kumanu meat so exceptional. Kumanu lamb is raised under a world leading system developed by farmers themselves. Made up entirely of family-owned farms working in close partnership with experienced veterinarians, every Kumanu farmer must comply with the strict standards that make it possible to maintain objective and scientific monitoring of the animal welfare and the environment. The principle of the Kumanu system is based on the fact that these farmers spend more time on assessing and managing animal welfare than in other comparable farming systems. The Kumanu quality standards are the most extensive standards in the world and even extend to the influence of the farm on the environment and the responsibility that farmers have toward the community that they support. It is a fully transparent system: its data from the past 10 years are public and can be verified.

The qualities for which Kumanu stands:
• Kumanu breeds only first-rate New Zealand free range lamb
• All lambs are family farmed in an idyllic and stress-free environment
• The lambs are bred based on the most progressive standards for animal wellness and environment in the world
• The animals are exclusively free-range and receive natural feed
• The lambs are selected by hand, so that you always get only the best
• All lambs are free of antibiotics and hormones
• The standards for tenderness and juiciness are unchanged
• A soft, subtle flavour with a texture that melts on the tongue
• The quality is consistent and guaranteed

Schoonderwoerd Vlees is the exclusive partner of KUmanu lamb worldwide.

Kumanu Brochure